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The Sexual Energies Of The Man In Tantra 
Every man has a field of energy, which are together for 24 hours. The sexual energies are those which provide you an unimaginable intimate... 
Women’s Favorite Positions Sexplied 
The missionary position: How? You on top, her with her legs widely spread. For strong sensations: the G spot. Because of the barrier represented...
When Sex Meets Imagination 
If sex would be something purely physical, then we would thank with the autoerotism. Sex means first of all a relationship...
Sexual Fantasies  When Are Women In The Mood For Sex?  Swing, Experience And Pleasure
Yo, Ethan, go grab us a couple of knishes
Are those my clothes over there?
Road rules
Many men have the same sexual fantasies: three women in a tub with hot water, three women in a bed, and three women satisfying... Men, more likely, are sick of hearing: 'Honey, today I am not in the mood' and this is one of the biggest discontents of males... If you have not heard yet, we tell you that swing is the new method to ignite passion in your sexual life, to which generally heterosexual couples...

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